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"Katie Pope has found everything she needs for her work right here in Glasgow. She celebrates all forms of life in the city, often focusing on those living on the margins."
The Evening Times, 'Katie's home is where the art is'
May 2014.

"A study in society's inequalities, 'On The Edge' is the 2008 Aspect Prize winner's unflinching view of a modern cityscape."
Homes and Interiors Scotland Magazine, 'Art Words'
September 2008.

"Katie Pope draws inspiration from scenes of inner-city life in the west of Scotland that many others find drab."
The Times, 'Ned with Irn Bru and pitbull wins art prize'
April 2008.

"Her drawing of Giotto's Bell Tower in Florence was so powerful, one of the judges insisted on buying it."
The Herald, 'Artist Inspired by Lanarkshire roots wins £16,000 Aspect prize'
April 2008.

"A love of Scotland's other national drink has helped a young artist win at least £5,000 in a prestigious art competition."
The Herald, 'Picture of Scotland'
June 2007.

"The outstanding painter from either school is Katie Pope from Edinburgh. Her painting of two snarling dogs and an indifferent old man on a bench is as raw as only painting can be.
The Scotsman, 'Snarling dogs, tattooed pigs, a live robot lesson and other Degree Show highlights...'
June 2006.


I commissioned Katie to paint a west end landscape for my wife's birthday, based on a favourite photograph we had of the view from our first flat. Katie interpreted it perfectly, and we are both delighted with the result which continues to give us pleasure to this day.
Neil Masson, owner of A View From Wilton Street
May 2016.

“For many years, we have enjoyed discovering Katie's artwork and following her achievements. More recently, we have commissioned three paintings, both for us and as gifts. Katie is a warm and attentive person who has, on each occasion, taken the time to tease out what we had in mind, providing feedback as she progressed. We have been sincerely delighted with the results - beautifully framed too.” 
Marie-Pierre and John Garroway, owners of Clydeport and City Chambers 
February 2016.

“Katie Pope is a beautiful person who makes beautiful paintings. Our painting of the Glasgow skyline captures the mad, grubby glamour of the city; her love of the place is there in the paint. We'd never had a painting before - only prints and posters – and never realised how much more can be seen in a painting. We enjoy it more and more each time we look at it.” 
Basil Pieroni and Margaret Paterson, owners of The View from Kingston Bridge 
January 2014.

“As an anniversary surprise my partner took me to Katie's studio one weekend to buy a painting of my choice. I was drawn towards a beautiful snowy landscape of the Glasgow Necropolis which now hangs pride of place in the living room. Katie has an incredible talent and ability to capture the spirit of a place, and I like how she finds beauty in surprising places - whether it’s outside McDonald’s or in a graveyard. I particularly like the thick impasto of the brightly coloured winter sky, the bare trees scratched into the paint, and the way the low winter sun casts long shadows from the gravestones, I am delighted to own a Katie Pope original, and feel privileged to have visited her at work.”
Jasmine Allen, owner of Glasgow Necropolis in Winter Sun
December 2013.

“We came across a wonderful young artist named Katie Pope, and loved her work so much that we commissioned a cityscape of Glasgow. This piece is spectacular and holds centre spot in our living room. We are absolutely delighted with the quality of the art, and her distinctive style and colours.”
Don and Steph Matheson, owners of Tenements in the City
November 2013.

“My husband Ian and I first saw Katie’s work at an exhibition in Glasgow and were drawn to her fresh look at something so familiar to us. We treated ourselves to one of her paintings as our Christmas gift, and Katie invited us to her studio to see the work in progress. The piece we bought hangs above my desk and I don’t think I could ever tire of it. I see something new each time, and love that we have an image of a time and place that has already changed.”
Catherine Baird, owner of Clyde Workmen
December 2012.

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